In India, cricket is not just a game but religion to the people of all ages. Histories of Indian cricket tell us about the heroic journey science early 1700s in the beginning of British area. Now in 2017, after passing 200 years, Indian cricket is the biggest and richest cricket playing nation of the world. Between this long and hard journey Indian cricket has produced some of the world class players. They not only contributed for the team but also taken world cricket at another level. Their heroic contribution will be remembered forever.

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Firstly, in the top players segments, you will get information about the top performer in batting bowling as well as all rounder’s.

We have been providing some of the memorable series information as well as incredible game information in 50 over world cup and T20 world cup. This section will recall the memories of the old generation and will introduce young generation with their heroes.

Indian cricket has made tons of records in every department of crickets. You could easily get the information regarding record braking and making performance of Indian cricket at our records segments.

We are also taking cares of the unique as well as historic photos. It is always brings smile in the face of the user to remember that moment.

IPL (Indian primer League) is one of the biggest cricketing events in world cricket recent times. Since 2008, IPL has been continuing every year in the month of April in Indian soil. This platform made possible to bring some of the great players under same roof. Alongside cricking world some of the business man as well as Bollywood starts are taking part of this mega cricketing actions. We have been providing all season information as a year bases since 2008 and it will be continue.

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